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We are happy to work hand in hand with you to create the perfect sunroom for your home, customizing look and function to suit your needs. Here are some of our most popular styles.

The Studio sunroom is the most popular, as it is easily adaptable. The style and look can be complex or simple while offering a natural extension to most existing roof designs. Most versatile roofline - ideal for one or two-story homes Ideal for 2-wall and return wall configurations, but can be used with 1-wall or 3-wall setups as well, Has a gentle roof pitch that easily works with most single-story homes without requiring added construction Can be installed quickly.


Cathedral sunrooms add style and value, increasing living space while adding height and appeal with their signature vaulted ceilings, and are perfect for family time or large gatherings. Blends beautifully with homes that have a traditional arched construction.

hree configurations: Low cathedral (ideal for single-story homes), Factory Cathedral (comes in pre-set widths, ideal for larger homes), or Custom to match the unique dimensions of your home. Contact us for your complimentary site evaluation and quote. 800-489-0438


These sunrooms feature a unique split-level roof design to create a fresh dimension for additional light reception. Can be used with a 3-wall configuration Features a taller back wall ideal for multiple-story homes.


The ultimate in sunlight reception. Feature all-glass thermal roofs with integrated gutter systems, allowing as much sunlight reception as is desired while maintaining energy efficiency. Very versatile and can adapt to homes with many unique styles. Sunrooms available in 2-wall and 3-wall configurations. Requires enough back wall height to accommodate a minimum 3/12 pitch to allow for proper water flow.


The truly distinctive Conservatory sunroom offers unmatched elegance and the appeal of classic European beauty rarely found in today's architecture, and is available in Edwardian (square) or Victorian (faceted) styles. Has a polycarbonate, thermal roof that is lightweight but won't shatter Features a UV layer to resist aging and help protect the interior Is equipped with a ridge ventilation system with operable roof vents.

Custom Sunrooms are also available to blend seamlessly with your home's unique architecture, or to work with any style, climate, or special needs. Contact us for your complimentary site evaluation and quote. 800-489-0438